Social Media Management

Around 72% of the population use social media regularly. That is a large number of people who you could be marketing to. There is a world of opportunity for your business on social media, you just need to know how to unlock it.

Whether a large or small business, our digital and social media marketing specialists can help you to create, develop and manage powerful and profitable marketing campaigns.

Why social media marketing?

  • No more pamphlets and hoarding-boards
  • To grow your online presence
  • To reach at your targeted audience
  • Result oriented marketing channels
  • Low budget high return
  • Higher conversion rate
  • Good Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Measurable, flexible and dynamic form of marketing
  • Best business branding & awareness

Choose on the social media presence your company wants to move ahead with. You will notice that our price is 1/3 of the cost of employing someone in-house. Our packages are designed in such a way that it provides maximum ROI through online marketing needs at the most affordable SMM rates.

For companies that simply want to look professional on social media.
  • 5 x social media posts
    2 x creative design
    One week worth of content
    Dedicated account manager
For companies that want to look professional on social media and grow their audience.
  • 15 x social media posts
    15 x creative design
    Dedicated account manager
Ultimate +
For companies that want it all! Look professional, grow audience, drive web traffic, client lead & sales.
  • 30 x social media posts
    30 x creative design
    Dedicated account manager

ProUltimateUltimate Plus
Management fee₹ 9,000₹ 21,000₹ 45,000
Accounts management235
No. of campaigns135
No. of creative designs158
Facebook Marketing
No. of posts1030Regular
Business Manager setup
Pixel installation✖️
Funnel Creation✖️
Custom audience creation✖️
Analytics & Reporting✖️
Ad campaign monitoring✖️
Catalogue creation✖️✖️
Dynamic ads creation✖️✖️
Custom Ad Placement✖️
A/B Testing✖️✖️
Traffic Monitoring
Instagram Marketing
Audience Research
Ad creation & Design
Ad Monitoring & Management
LinkedIn Marketing
Campaign Manager✖️
Insight Tag installation✖️✖️
Creation of custom conversion✖️
Ads Monitoring✖️
Youtube Marketing
Video creation✖️✖️✖️
Skippable in-stream Ads✖️
Non-skippable in-stream Ads✖️
Bumper Ads✖️✖️
Discovery Ads✖️✖️
Video Sequence Ads✖️✖️
Detailed Audience creation✖️✖️
A/B Testing for targeting✖️✖️
Re-marketing Video Ads✖️✖️
Video Ads with product promotion✖️✖️
Twitter Marketing
Tweet Engagement Ads✖️
Video/GIF Ads✖️✖️
Website conversion Ads✖️✖️
In-stream video view Ads✖️✖️
Followers Ads✖️
Audience creation✖️

All the rates mentioned above are excluding GST
Note: This is a standard social media management rate. The rates might vary according to the client’s requirements.

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