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Recruitment Marketing

The world had changed.
How people search for jobs has changed.

This means how companies recruit must change too.

It takes online and digital recruiting campaigns to attract, recruit and keep the best candidates.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment Marketing, in simple words, can be defined as a way of using technology to source, assess, select and recruit candidates for vacant positions.

Recruiting and retaining employees is the major concern for most of employers these days. Digital recruitment marketing can make the overall process of recruiting much simpler and easier.

Recruitment managers can use a mix of numerous digital hiring techniques like LinkedIn and other hiring software to quickly seek out ideal candidates. This means it is very convenient for prospective employees to get hired. With the advent of the digital revolution, recruitment has completely transformed.

There has been a shift away from conventional job websites to the world of innovation. For example –Artificial Intelligence (AI) is playing a big role in finding new talents in the job market. The introduction of AI has been meteoric in the leading media publications of the world. It is considered recruitment as one of the challenging activities that modern businesses domain. AI can alleviate a bigger proportion of hard work using – sentiment analysis, chatbots, and talent rediscovery.

Recruitment marketing is an advanced way of recruiting the right people. It makes the hiring process easy, efficient, quick and lucrative.

Hence, if you want the recruitment process to be meaningful for employers as well as candidates, make sure you practise digital recruitment. And we are here to help you in the process.

How to attract, engage, hire and retain?

No matter the size of the company, we can bet your potential applicants are looking for jobs on your website, scrolling through social media channels and looking at the ratings on the third-party review site about your company.

That is why it is essential for companies today to maintain a strong employer brand online and engage potential candidates via social media platforms, websites and other popular digital platforms.

At D&B Placement, we can help you use social media campaigns, PPC, email, videos, chatbots and other right channels so that the right applicants find you first and you hire the best candidates.

Difference between Recruitment & Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment marketing is a new job that is different from regular hiring and finding people for jobs. Recruitment marketing people don’t directly hire for open jobs. Instead, they help recruiters by telling the company’s story and getting more qualified people to apply for open jobs. 

This makes it faster and easier for recruiters to fill jobs. Recruitment marketing also helps people who find candidates by building a group of interested candidates for current and future jobs. Though recruitment marketing people don’t directly fill jobs, they work towards the same hiring goals. They create marketing campaigns and events to support hiring plans.

One way to see the difference between hiring and recruitment marketing is that hiring attracts people to specific jobs, while recruitment marketing attracts people to the company itself. In hiring, one job description is posted in different places to get people to apply for that job. In recruitment marketing, the company’s story is told through many types of content and marketing channels. 

This creates awareness about the company, gets people to follow the company, captures interested people’s contact information, encourages employee referrals, and also gets people to apply for jobs.

Creating content is an essential skill for everyone doing recruitment marketing. If you’re new to recruitment marketing, or want to improve your recruitment marketing skills, we recommend taking our 1-hour online course. This course teaches you how to create recruitment marketing content that directly relates to the stages a candidate goes through. It will help you make a content plan for every part of a candidate’s journey and ensure your content addresses their needs and questions during their job search experience. You can learn more about our online “Rally Content Rescue” course here.

Originally, the role of recruitment marketing focused on attracting talent at the start of the hiring process. This is when candidates first learn about an employer and consider applying. During this stage, recruitment marketing shares the company’s employee value proposition and promotes the company as a great place to work through marketing and advertising. Recruitment marketing hands off to hiring when a candidate lead actually applies for a job. From then on, the recruiter reviews applicants and manages the hiring process with the hiring manager through interviews, offers, and hiring.

More recently, the role of recruitment marketing is expanding. Recruitment marketing practitioners have valuable skills in communication and engagement that are now being used throughout the full candidate and employee experiences to influence talent to choose and stay with an employer.

Benefits of Recruitment Marketing

If you work in HR and hire people, you are also a marketer – even if you don’t think of yourself that way. It’s more true now than ever that recruitment marketing go together.

With so much competition for hiring, specialized jobs, and picky job seekers, as a recruiter you need to identify what makes your company special and market that message to candidates in an authentic and attractive way.

Recruitment marketing is not just about filling open jobs – it’s about building a diverse, strong team that will support your business goals and company mission. That’s why it’s important for you to attract the right talent and have a recruitment marketing mindset.

Beyond helping you hire better in general, here are benefits of recruitment marketing that make having a clear hiring strategy a must in today’s job market. 

With recruitment marketing, you can stand out. 
Recruitment marketing helps you find the best candidates. Recruitment marketing builds your employer brand.

The benefits of recruitment marketing make it essential.

  • Corporate alignment
  • Stronger candidates
  • Reduced time to hire
  • Better retention
  • Better ROI
  • Strengthened employer brand
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Measurable success
  • Fortified consumer relationships
  • Guaranteed growth

Find the needle in a haystack: Recruit game changing talent

Forget the endless stream of generic applications, from job boards and social media advertising! Build an exceptional team, and attract the undiscovered stars who’ll drive innovation for your company.

Partner with D&B Placements and unlock hidden gems your job board is missing, not just resumes, but who’ll inspire your future. Let’s chat.

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